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But there are topics and words which appear on this site which some parents would not approve their children reading. I do not discourage such minds from partaking in my site, but I urge you to understand that it is made without such people in mind. If my language or subject matter offends or confuses you, then you probably shouldn't be here.

8/10/2000- Dragon is revamping entirely with the release of 3e. Pick up a copy on the 10th if you value your self-respect. If you aren't jumping for joy, go find someone who will; this is big stuff.

8/15/99- Neverwinter Nights, an amazing and open-ended game based on D&D 3e has been announced. Check out the NWN homepage and participate. This game looks unbelievably cool; if you like AD&D you owe it yourself to check it out.

8/6/99- D&D
Third Edition
has officially been announced. Check it out at; join the mailing list and scan the boards on the main D&D page if you know you want to want to add something. The WotC crew do post messages occasionally, so you will be heard.


As you might have noticed, I updated the site design. the old one was too clunky and didn't work with all computers. This design is as basic as it gets and should be no trouble to operate. Three days left. Content on the way. I will be spending much of tomorrow applying the new design to the rest of the site. Yay. Patience.


Well, AD&D 3e comes out in four days. I am done with work. I ship for boot camp in three months. What the Hell. Why not update the page? I have some last ideas I want to put on the page for 2e before we all take the plunge. Nothing special has happened in the world of computer gaming as far as role-playing in concerned besides Icewind Dale being released.

Get this game. My Gamespy Arcade name is Nealok. Look out for me. More stuff later. By the way, pay attention to the banner at the top of my page. Do not kill your teammates, you asses.


Still playing Torment after all this time. Still the best game ever. Buy it, England! 
Updated with a new class. I have another one in the works, and I am almost through with another rant and a review for Torment and Nox. (Like you need another review for Torment. Just by the game, already!) 

  • IGN has posted an interview regarding Pool of Radiance II. You remember Pool of Radiance II, right? The game that is not going to be half as interesting as either the game from which it took its name or Neverwinter Nights. Yeah, that's the one.

  • IGN has also posted an article talking about the voice acting in Baldur's Gate II. An interesting read that has little to do with Pool of Radiance II, which already gives it points in my book.

  • I was scanning around, and I noticed some words on Heuristic Park's new game, Wizards and Warriors. The people in the press seem to have nice things to say about it, but the more I play Might and Magic VII, the more I am wary of first person party-based RPGs. (which are super different from the solo RPG joy that can come from a game like System Shock or Daggerfall) I am going to call it a dud right now, and you can send me harsh e-mail about it later. That goes for PoR2, as well, which I am sure is going to kick ass just so God can laugh at me.
  • A while ago, TSR posted the module that it had banned so long ago, Palace of the Silver Princess, which seems silly to me. Oh, well, I have linked to it here, and I will include it in the trinkets section. (You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.)

Okay, kids. Don't play with balls because they will take out your eye. Although that builds character. Later.


Maybe I didn't update the page last time. 
Well, no one e-mailed me to tell me I goofed, so I will assume no one noticed. 
I have now officially updated with a new items page, and woo boy is it long! I also added a little Diablo rant, to celebrate not getting the beta. And here is the world as it matters to me:

  • I finally beat Torment after a long hiatus of playing. You have read the reviews, so you don't need me to tell you it is a great game. But I will go the extra mile. It is the best game I have ever played. Period. Buy Torment. Buy a new computer if you don't have enough machine to run it. I will be posting a review soon. (That's what he said last time.)

  • The Diablo II betas have been sent out, as have the Vampire: Redemption betas. Guess who didn't make the list for either? Guess who's bitter? Bah. I will still buy both and love both. Look for Nealok in the retail versions.

  • Gamespot has a preview of Neverwinter Nights up. Very nice. They also have a preview of Icewind Dale up, but I have a feeling that it is going to be a bit more Diablo than I a prepared to spread open with my love. Go read the rant to see what I am saying. Still... after the final battle in Baldur's Gate and the Curst scene in Torment, I am very confident in the epic dungeon crawl capabilities of Bioware's Infinity Engine, so all is not lost. But Icewind Dale is a spitball in the lake compared to the Biblical Flood that Neverwinter Nights will be.

  • Gamespot also has a BG II preview. I am about to die of the shakes because of all this AD&D CRPG goodness. Go forth. Read. And be happy. Tomorrow (later today) is Pool of Radiance II (ha ha ha), and the next day they are posting an addendum to their history of AD&D. Be happy.

Okay, kids. Keep your eye on the ball and stay in character. Later.


[This is the update from this date. It is a lie because I didn't actually update the right sections. My bad.]
After I left, I was horrified to check the site and see that I had done something weird to the background (It had to do with a stupid FrontPage theme on a non NRPGR section of my webspace, if you must know.), and I had NOT updated the page as I had previously thought. I am so sorry. I have remedied the situation now, so browse the new stuff as is your wont. 
I am particularly proud of the Pale Hammer.
Hopefully I will be able to update with some more content within the next day or so, so keep coming back.

Updates in the world of gaming:

  • Bethesda has announced an extension to the wonderful, amazing, deep, infinitely replayable Elder Scrolls series: Morrowmind. It's about freaking time! The most recent installment (not counting Redguard and Battlespire, the former of which was cool, but the latter of which was beyond reproach... although it had funny dialogue) was released in mid-1996, for criminy! Morrowmind is slated for a late 2001 release. I will be waiting with bated breath. Check out the newest installment of CGW for more info. 

  • Holy shi'taka! Arcanum looks beyond awesome! Check out the Gamespot preview

  • Don't go to college. It's not worth it. Just stay home and read, read, read. It's just a sheet of paper, people.

  • I hate not having any more news than this

Oh, and if someone could let me know whether the page looks all weird because of the Amazon search thingy in the left column, please let me know. Can have the page lookin' weird. Thanks for coming by.

3/13/00- Well, I am leaving for spring break on Wednesday, which is the exact day that my God forsaken Psychology lab is due! Yay! Anyway, I will be updating some in the next few days, so be excited. Head over to the rants and items section so your joy can be complete.

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I am a student at Sewanee, where I take full advantage of the school's lush 10,000 acres of mountain beauty by playing too much of The Sims and System Shock II. I am 19, and I want to be an actor. I would say more, but if I put anything else here, it would mean I was lazily neglecting the rest of the page or, Heaven forbid, my homework. Later.

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My ICQ number is 69862462 

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This is close to the funniest stuff I have ever read. Really. 

Try to read all the comics without laughing out loud. Some of the humor requires a working knowledge of the gaming universe, but a lot of it is just damned funny. Tycho and Gabe update every other day, so you will never be out of gags.

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